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Sharks are nature’s most revered and feared killing machines. But if you study the behaviour of sharks, you will learn they are also highly strategic and efficient in the way they survive and thrive in nature’s competitive environment. Inspired by the shark’s evolved (over 420 million years) instincts and strategic moves, this book provides businesses with 10 ways on how to attack the market leaders, and take market share, in your sector. “Move or Die”, “Strike Unpredictably”, “Timing is the Key”, “Spread Panic” – these are some of the key ways to make shark food out of market leaders. Building on the success of the first edition of Sharkonomics (2012), this expanded and updated edition provides an inspiring perspective on competing in business and how companies of any size can create a presence for themselves in their market. “Stefan not only uses the ‘shark’ metaphor but has actually swam in shark waters to absorb the drama of life and death. He describes the attack stratagems of a shark but respects the intended victims enough to show how they can defend themselves. A stimulating read!” — Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.
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