A Sandwich for the Journey by Charles C. Minx Jr.

A Sandwich for the Journey by Charles C. Minx Jr. from  in  category
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Category: History
ISBN: 9781949709926
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Set against the horrifying backdrop of World War II, A Sandwich for the Journey tells the story of one of three million evacuees - a young Jewish boy from London's East End named Maurice Levitt. This moving narrative is beautifully told and centers around an oral history conducted in 2016 between Charles Minx and his father in law, none other than Maurice Levitt himself, who was 84 years old at the time. From 1939 to 1944, between the ages of seven to twelve, young Maurice was evacuated five times from his family's home and forced to live with "host" families in the English and Welsh countryside, while his father's family was facing unspeakable horrors in Nazi-occupied Poland as most fell victim to the holocaust, disappearing without a trace.


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