How to Be a Leader by David M. Cote

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Author: David M. Cote
ISBN: 9781400343867
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What qualities come to mind when you think about a good leader? Good listener, empathetic, good communication skills, humble, and clear expectations. Whether you're leading a small or large team, How to Be a Leader by former Honeywell CEO David Cote is a resource that will help you become the leader everyone respects and follows. 

60 entries each focus on a leadership topic, highlight Cote's advice, and end with a prompt to help you build your leadership skills. How to Be a Leader will teach you how to:

  • pursue long- and short- term goals.
  • commit to change and the best ways to implement change.
  • inspire others and push yourself at the same time.
  • create alignment around company strategy.
  • improve productivity and manage different opinions.
  • create a diverse and connected culture.

Leadership isn't about having all the answers or having control of everything. Leadership means bringing out the best in your employees, creating paths that work for your business, and building a presence that exists in small and big moments.


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