The Second History of Man by John Bershof, MD

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In the spirit of medieval writer Chaucer, all human activity lies within the artist’s scope, the History of Man Series uses medicine as a jumping off point to explore precisely that, all history, all science, all human activity since the beginning of time. The jumping off style of writing takes the reader, the listener into worlds unknown, always returning to base, only to jump off again. History of Man are stories and tales of nearly everything.


The Second History of Man focuses mostly on bacteria and bacterial infections as the foundation, jumping off into Darwin and evolution, gin & tonics and the discovery of the first antibiotic to treat infection (and it wasn’t penicillin), visiting with those clever chaps who cook up drugs in the lab. We’ll call upon poets & poetry, celebrities like Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack, and Bobby Darin, the classical music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, the tragic story of World War II, Anne Frank and the Holocaust, tuberculosis, and a few of the rich & famous who suffered from TB, travelling back in time to the Black Death which wiped out 25 percent of humans on Earth, exploring the origins of a salon and a saloon, Columbus and the Age of Discovery, the lost generations of childhood, ending with the invention of the Internet.


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