From the Heart of Eurasia to the Sky. by Arlena Yessenguzhina

From the Heart of Eurasia to the Sky. by Arlena Yessenguzhina from  in  category
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"From the Heart of Eurasia to the Sky. A Journey of an Accountant to an Effective Manager" is Arlena Yessenguzhina's insightful narrative of her career evolution, spanning 17 years across accounting, treasury management, and economic analysis. Through personal stories and professional experience, Arlena shares practical advice on management, highlighting key attributes like adaptability, communication, and prioritization. Her book serves as a mentor for young financial professionals, offering timeless insights and inspiring success in a rapidly changing corporate world. It explores the evolving role of accountants, emphasizing the importance of accounting as a strategic language and addressing the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Additionally, it discusses essential factors for accountants' success, including analytical skills, ethics, and continual professional development, ultimately stressing the importance of embracing digital competence for shaping the future of business.


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