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Discover who God says you are—and who Christ makes you to be—from the pages of Scripture.

Our identities—the people we are—shape how we live each day. We build our identities around our work, our interests, and our families. God made us to live out of a deeper identity, one based in who He says we are, and find fulfilment in the identity Christ gives us. 

The Life in Christ Bible invites you to discover, believe, and rejoice in who God says you are. You will learn what it means to bear God’s image and find our identity in Christ with notes that trace these themes throughout all Scripture. You will explore what it means to live out of your true identity day-by-day with practical wisdom from 16 key topics. And you will be encouraged by quotes revealing the good news of being made in the image of God and conformed to the image of Christ (Genesis 1:27; Romans 8:29).

Features include:                                                                       

  • Book introductions that feature identity-related themes and topics found in each book
  • 1000 chain-referenced notes connected to 40 themes related to our identity in Christ that run throughout the Bible
  • 70 chained articles addressing 16 identity-focused topics
  • 50 encouraging quotes about our identity and life in Christ
  • 17 charts
  • Concordance
  • End of page translators’ notes and cross references
  • Line-matched, single-column typesetting
  • Clear and readable 9-point NKJV Comfort Print®
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