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In view of its importance and significance, statistical literacy has stirred a lot of research interest since its inception two decades ago. Research on statistical literacy has encompassed different levels of statistics education besides considering different disciplines of studies and various aspects of statistics education. Statistical literacy requires integration of statistical knowledge into the real-life settings within which the statistical questions arise. A statistically literate person should have the skills and the confidence to work with data in an analytical and critical manner so that the data can be of some substantial use to others. This book is divided into three parts. The first part discusses statistical literacy and assessment. The second part discusses inferential statistics and assessment constructs while the third part discusses statistics instructions and curriculum. In short, this book contains the three important facets of education which are assessment, instruction and curriculum. The contents of this book will most importantly provide readers with the important developments in statistics education worldwide. The chapters in this book provide readers with a wealth of knowledge concerning pedagogical and assessment issues pertaining to goals of statistics education.
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