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Strategic Components in Small & Medium Enterprises is a book for two target groups. The first group is for students studying business administration; both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels where it is meant to be used as a capstone course after the students have been exposed to the various functional areas of management. The second group is for readers and practitioners who seek essential knowledge on strategic management. The book can help to understand the right strategy components in SMEs and overcome the challenges in implementing strategic behaviour. This book focuses on business social responsibilities at corporate level strategies needed to achieve the work strategy and performance in SMEs. Covering nine chapters, the book covers topic such as an introduction to Global SME Business, Theoretical Perspectives, SME’s Performance, BSR Commitment, Trust, Perceived Ethics, Organizational Culture, Research Model of BSR and Strategic Implications for SMEs. It explains the strategic implications for the managers and policy makers to see the issues of moral or ethics and social conduct through the perspective of smaller firms as a method for making suitable and competitive.

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