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Person to person networks in the UK have grown over the last 10 years fuelled by the many middle management unemployed caused during the recent downsizing of many international corporations.Self employed people need to network, in the harsh environment of today’s modern job market. Networking is a ready source of employment, and a chance to meet skilled fellow workers to help build teams to complete projects that would otherwise stretch their own skill set.Outside the hours of the working day but inside a framework that people can relate to Breakfast Meetings provide them with rewarding opportunities. This book helps ensure you know how to meet the right people and kickstart your business.‘Building a Business on Bacon and Eggs’ is packed with tips and lists of how to set up thriving networking events and enables the reader to gain the most from any meetings they may hold, it includes checklists for everyone involved in the organization of events, real life stories to illustrate the theories presented as well as what to offer sponsors and how best to achieve the goals of all concerned.The book illustrates evidence of this in the comprehensive checklists throughout the book and summaries at the end of every chapter. If running breakfast meetings is your job, or if you merely wish to learn from the business experiences of other people, or you want to expand your own knowledge to gain the most from the business breakfast club environment this book provides a unique insight through the minds of its three very successful writers. To this end, ‘Breakfast on Bacon and Eggs ‘ is an essential addition to any Book Shops business section.
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