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This handbook gives tangible advice on how to write a good academic research paper for young researchers, especially postgraduate student. It contains six chapters in which each provides essential information and guidelines to guide young researchers, starting from writing to submitting a research manuscript. The first chapter discusses the process of writing a research article by focusing on suitable, systematic steps that are critical for researchers to follow in order to produce quality research manuscripts. Chapter 2 highlights the structure of a research article, which must be adopted by researchers, especially novice researchers who are new to the publication world. Chapter 3 discusses Web of Science (ISI) by focusing on the numerous categories used in this indexing system. Chapter 4 highlights the usefulness of the Scopus database to assist researchers analyze a particular journal's performance and to avoid publishing their papers in the 'coverage discontinued in Scopus' journals. Chapter 5 discusses the normal process of an online submission of research articles and Chapter 6 introduces the concepts of good writing and its characteristics.
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