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American Dreaming, A Life On Water and Land is veteran Beverly Hills hair colorist and self-taught painter Robert Hickland’s collection of short stories and vignettes shaping a linear path of his life experiences, written in his own vernacular. He takes us from his childhood in the murky canals of South Florida to the glittering lights of Los Angeles and Hollywood where he moved in the late 1970’s with his younger sister, soap star Catherine Hickland, and on to sabbaticals in Paris. As a solitary young boy separated from his family and left to his own devices, to his adventurous attempts to find security through romance, marriage and fatherhood, his chosen trade finds him coloring some of the most famous film stars in the world. This story is highlighted by a nearly three decade intermittent romance with actress, Mackenzie Phillips. Robert’s heart and soul shine through this testament of courage and perseverance. Robert Hickland lives in Los Angeles, California.
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