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America's conservatives have a special way of thinking and that means they have a special way of talking. In "A Patriot's Dictionary of the American Language: A Faith-based Guide to Words, Phrases, and Famous Names," Ned Knight explains it all--conservative definitions of such basic concepts as "government" (the smaller the better) and "society" (there is no such thing), as well as conservative takes on hot-button topics like abortion, Obama, and the right to bear arms. In addition, Knight provides incisive entries on such conservative luminaries as Sarah Palin, Grover Norquist, Paul Ryan, and of course many more--including Geroge W. Bush, the Great American Leader who, despite his faults, showed us that true Americans create their own faith-based reality completely untouched by the the facts and scientific theories of the leftist-liberal-secular-socialist jihadists who labor day and night to destroy our beloved nation.
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