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Like several other Asian countries, Malaysia uses English for a variety of official, professional and everyday purposes. Many Malaysians use English alongside their first language, typically Malay, Chinese or Tamil, but have a particular need for English if they are to succeed in their careers. What is special about this book is that it looks under the surface of the use of English, and shows how the teaching of English is tailored to bring this language situation about, by applying recent developments in the study of English and of English Language Teaching. It deals with questions such as the use of corpora in language teaching, and investigates some of the obstacles young Malaysians face in acquiring the necessary command of English. Issues investigated include the link between lack of proficiency and lack of motivation, the effect of examinations and the ‘washback’ effect, and the problems of academic writing. Other chapters deal with English in the workplace, including doctor-patient communication, the communication challenges facing tour guides, and gender-based differences in the learning of computer skills. The book will be of great value to anyone professionally involved with global English, ‘glocalisation’ or language contact, including teachers, publishers and language planners, especially those concerned with the use of global English in Asia.
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