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The best way to build a profitable book publishing business is to start writing on part-time basis. Keep the security of your regular full-time job to ensure a steady flow of income while you write. That will ensure your peace of mind along the way. Only when your monthly writing profits match your regular monthly income should you transition to full-time writing. How long this process takes will depend a lot on you. For one writer, the transition took a year; for another, it took five years. In this book, we’ll talk about exactly how they, and many others, did it. More importantly, we’ll discuss how you can accomplish the same. YOU’RE IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT Gone are the days when the world’s large corporate book publishers set the pace and direction of the entire publishing market. Today, independent authors are now in the driver’s seat. The tools are already at your fingertips, and online publishing is the easiest and most affordable way to begin. (And when I say “affordable,” I mean almost completely free of charge. Now that’s affordable!) Your only necessary cost will be editing, which will be covered in detail in this book. The fact is, if you want your ebook to be accepted by a discerning population of readers, you’ll need to hire a proper editor to help you get things right. I’ll show you exactly where and how to find one at a price that suits your budget. In fact, the whole process from start to finish—from outlining a full ebook series to publishing it online—will be covered in this book. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know exactly how to publish a book. You’ll know what it takes to successfully sell it, too. YOUR SIX-WEEK BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESS This book contains a repeatable, entirely achievable six-week publishing process—a blueprint you can easily follow no matter what type of book series you wish to publish on the United States of America’s Amazon, Canada’s Kobo, and even Malaysia’s E-Sentral ecommerce sites. It also contains case studies of several highly successful independent authors who are already doing these things and earning massive incomes from it. Read this blueprint in full before you publish. Educate yourself about how this process works before you do anything else. Then make a commitment to yourself to follow through with it. Because it works!
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