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Client side JavaScript for enterprise Oracle applications.Key FeaturesDevelop resilient and robust client-side applicationsExplore the power of popular JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, RequireJS, and custom Oracle JavaScript librariesIntegrate JavaScript for Oracle developersEasily debug and secure your cloud interfacesBook DescriptionThis book will give you a complete practical understanding of the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) and how you can use it to develop efficient client-side applications with ease. It will tell you how to get your own customized Oracle JET set up.Youll start with individual libraries, such as jQuery, Cordova, and Require.js. Youll also get to work with the JavaScript libraries created by Oracle, especially for cloud developers. Youll use these tools to create a working backend application with these libraries. Using the latest Oracle Alta UI, youll develop a state-of-the-art backend for your cloud applications. Youll learn how to develop and integrate the different cloud services required for your application and use other third-party libraries to get more features from your cloud applications.Toward the end of the book, youll learn how to manage and secure your cloud applications, and test them to ensure seamless deployment.What you will learnUse Yeoman or npm to start a new Oracle JET-based projectImplement real-world use cases using Oracle JET componentsGet to know the best practices for Oracle JET web applicationsExplore Knockout.js, the framework behind Oracle JETImplement a multi-platform app with OJ and CordovaWho This Book Is ForIf you are a web components developer looking to create client-side apps that are resilient and robust using Oracle JET, then this book is the right choice for you.Table of ContentsGetting started with Oracle JETOracle Alta UITools IntegrationInvestigating knockout.js in Oracle JetOJ Components: Collections, Controls & FormsOJ Components: Layouts, Navigation & VisualizationsFrameworkHybrid Mobile Application DevelopmentTesting & DebuggingVersion Migration & Future of Oracle Jet
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