Java 9 Data Structures and Algorithms by Debasish Ray Chawdhuri

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ISBN: 9781785888076
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Key FeaturesThis book provides complete coverage of reactive and functional data structuresBased on the latest version of Java 9, this book illustrates the impact of new features on data structuresGain exposure to important concepts such as Big-O Notation and Dynamic ProgrammingBook DescriptionJava 9 Data Structures and Algorithms covers classical, functional, and reactive data structures, giving you the ability to understand computational complexity, solve problems, and write efficient code. This book is based on the Zero Bug Bounce milestone of Java 9.We start off with the basics of algorithms and data structures, helping you understand the fundamentals and measure complexity. From here, we introduce you to concepts such as arrays, linked lists, as well as abstract data types such as stacks and queues. Next, well take you through the basics of functional programming while making sure you get used to thinking recursively.We provide plenty of examples along the way to help you understand each concept. You will get the also get a clear picture of reactive programming, binary searches, sorting, search trees, undirected graphs, and a whole lot more!What you will learnUnderstand the fundamentals of algorithms, data structures, and measurement of complexityFind out what general purpose data structures are, including arrays, linked lists, double ended linked lists, and circular listsGet a grasp on the basics of abstract data types—stack, queue, and double ended queueSee how to use recursive functions and immutability while understanding and in terms of recursionHandle reactive programming and its related data structuresUse binary search, sorting, and efficient sorting—quicksort and merge sortWork with the important concept of trees and list all nodes of the tree, traversal of tree, search trees, and balanced search treesApply advanced general purpose data structures, priority queue-based sorting, and random access immutable linked listsGain a better understanding of the concept of graphs, directed and undirected graphs, undirected trees, and much moreAbout the AuthorDebasish Ray Chawdhuri is an established Java developer and has been in the industry for the last 8 years. He has developed several systems, right from CRUD applications to programming languages and big data processing systems. He had provided the first implementation of extensible business reporting language specification, and a product around it, for the verification of company financial data for the Government of India while he was employed at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. In Talentica Software Pvt. Ltd., he implemented a domain-specific programming language to easily implement complex data aggregation computation that would compile to Java bytecode. Currently, he is leading a team developing a new high-performance structured data storage framework to be processed by Spark. The framework is named Hungry Hippos and will be open sourced very soon. He also blogs at about Java and other computer science-related topics.He has worked for Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., and Talentica Software Pvt. Ltd.Table of ContentsWhy Bother? – BasicCogs and Pulleys – Building BlocksProtocols – Abstract Data TypesDetour – Functional ProgrammingEfficient Searching – Binary Search and SortingEfficient Sorting – quicksort and mergesortConcepts of TreeMore About Search – Search Trees and Hash TablesAdvanced General Purpose Data StructuresConcepts of GraphReactive Programming


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