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BeeHIVE Social Innovation or known as Beehive Malaysia Young Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program was founded by Prof Dr. Nik Maheran which was a collaboration effort between Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), Babson College (USA) and Wow Labs Ltd. (France). These initiatives are among the many activities carried out in UMK to foster entrepreneurship and take young entrepreneurs along the journey in getting funding and scaling their businesses. The content of the book is covered in 7 chapters. Chapter 1, allows the readers to know what is social innovation model, including identifying the social innovation and social entrepreneurship commonly practised by entrepreneurs. Chapter 2, highlights the importance of social innovation among youth in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Chapter 3 gives exposure to the readers about the research studies related to social innovation; covering the past and recent works.  In chapter 4, the contributing factors such as knowledge, thinking style, personality and motivation which have been identified as important factors that infuence and shape the social innovation among youth in Malaysia. Whereas, Chapter 5, talks about the BeeHIVE Innovation Model and how it works. This book also discusses matters related to outcome or BeeHive program, organised and participated by young people or youth in Malaysia (chapter 6) and the last chapter, talks about the recommendation and conclusion of the study. The entire content of this book is hoped to be used as a guide and reference to budding entrepreneurs, especially youth who want to be active in social entrepreneurship.

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