The Lull-A-Baby Sleep Guide 1 by Janet Vandenhoeck

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The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Your Baby (Part 1)

An essential guide to improving a child’s sleep quality for better growth and development.

When you say “good night” to your baby, do you say it through clenched teeth, knowing the night is going to be anything but good? Has getting your baby to sleep for the night become a major struggle or a complicated routine? Is the middle of the night in your household a torture of interrupted sleep, hours spent with a crying baby, or at best an awake baby, placid but definitely not sleeping?

It ends now with this book. It ends with you learning techniques and plans for getting your baby to go to sleep at night when you want him to, without your having to drive him around and around the block in your car, stay in his room with him for two hours, or go through any other complex routine.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. A Good Night's Sleep … for All
A. The Importance of Sleep
B. Your Baby's Sleep Needs
C. Sleep Patterns and REM Sleep
D. Sleeping Through the Night
E. A Noise in the Night
F. You Can't Fool Mother Nature
3. Baby Sleeping Problems
4. What's Keeping Baby Awake? Hunger, Schedules, and Pain
A. The Number One Internal Problem — Hunger
B. On-Demand Feeding versus Scheduled Feeding
C. When Your Baby's Schedule Doesn't Mesh with Yours
D. Colic: Frequent Scapegoat, Real Pain
E. Teething
F. Intestinal Distress
5. The Pros and Cons of Baby Sleep Positioners?
6. Other Things Keeping Baby Awake
A. Food Isn't Always the Answer
B. Anxieties
C. Wide Awake in the Evening
D. Bad Dreams and Nightmares
E. Sleep Apnea
F. Other Sleep-Disturbing Breathing Problems
G. External Problems
7. Signal When Ready
A. Early Cycles
B. Do Routines Matter?
C. Signs That Baby Is Ready for Bed
D. Establish Regular Sleep Habits and Routines
E. Settling Baby into His Crib
F. Recognizing Night and Day
G. When Baby Is Overtired
H. Teaching Baby to Get Herself Back to Sleep
8. Baby Night Lights
9. Soothing Baby to Sleep
A. Calming Your Crying Baby
B. Rocking and Soothing Motion Techniques
C. Singing and Talking
D. A Cry for Attention
E. Swaddling
F. Massage
G. Tactics to Avoid
10. Conclusion

About the author:

Janet Vandenhoeck has managed to create a rich and rewarding career as an author of books for parents.
She travels around the world to share what she knows, and learns many new things from other parents on her journeys. She has presented at many conferences, hospital parenting programs and other events.
Janet is the author of several parenting books available -- showing that parents are the same, no matter where in the world they live or what language they speak.


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