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The Lull-A-Baby Sleep Guide (Part 4)

Baby Personality Hacks for Better Sleep: An Essential Guide to Understanding Baby Personality and How Does It Affect Sleep

Being a new parent is an exciting and joyous event. The party ends however, once you realize having a baby means long, sleepless, and frustrating nights. You will then start to long for the times when you’re overly demanding albeit cute little angel wasn't born yet.

Have you run out of ways to solve this? If yes, don't fret because you are not alone. There are millions of new parents who are going through the same battle. One common mistake parents commit is believing that there is a single magic bullet which will solve this kind of problem.

The truth is there is no single solution because every baby and every parent are different. That is why in this book I am not going to recommend a uniform solution to baby sleep issues. I will instead help you formulate a strategy that will best fit you and your baby's situation. Here you will find parent-approved tactics and time-tested approaches to sending your baby to slumber land. These tips will turn nightmares to sweet dreams both for you and your baby's sake.

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